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Key Facts

Located in the Chicago loop

14 years of Online development experience

Internet Marketing Pioneer

Frequent speaker and writer on technology issues


"Mosby's Medical Surfari is an excellent resource for both the novice and more seasoned Internet user."

Journal of the American Medical
Association, 1997


"This well-written
and informative
book serves as
an excellent
introduction to
the Internet for physicians and
other health care

American Family Physician, 2000


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Our History

Principal partner and founder Nigel Rowe has over 25 years of technical expertise spread across three continents. He is the co-author of Mosby's Medical Surfari. This best-selling reference book detailing Internet Health Care Resources has been selected by universities and medical schools as a recommended textbook.

Most recently Nigel was the Director of software development for Ameritech.net, managing Internet application development and technical relationships with major software vendors like Netscape Communications and Microsoft Corporation. PC World magazine rated Ameritech.net the "Best Regional ISP" in America.

MWP Software has played a key role in introducing companies and individuals to the effective use of computers, including:

  • website and interactive application development
  • deployment of high-speed DSL throughout the Midwest region. These experiences include developing customer billing procedures and training DSL installation technicians.
  • creating custom software, including sales systems, automated document creation/delivery, sales analysis/inventory control, marketing tracking programs and product/customer databases
  • training staff
  • selecting and installing hardware/software
  • initiating industry discussion groups, workshops and strategy sessions on utilizing online resources.

This background has afforded unique insights into how people interact with technology in a fast changing world.

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Last Updated: February 20, 2016