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Facts about SPAM

Office workers spend an average of 49 minutes a day managing e-mail *

90% of all e-mail is spam **

Daily Spam messages totaled 120 billion in


Spam messages can be avoided by an effective filtering system
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*Gartner Inc.


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How often have you called a 1-800 technical support  helpline, only to be told - after a lengthy wait, "you need to re-install your operating system!"

We offer the following services and guarantee you will find our advice more helpful. Convenient pre-paid accounts are available at a substantial discount off regular rates for technical IT support.

Custom website development and interactive marketing support is based around pre-approved contracts and competitive pricing.

Website Development:
Our custom services run the gamut from Web and online development to Facebook and Social Network application development, along with devising Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies.

Computer Support:
Hardware upgrades, software installation, Internet connectivity

Data Protection:
Backup planning, restoring deleted files, virus and spam detection

Windows/MAC, software, Internet basics

IT Management:
Asset inventory, software licences, employee usage policies


  • You can rely on a quick, effective response at a cost that is affordable and predictable. Our pre-paid service allows you to easily control IT expenses as a fixed, manageable budget item.
  • Our extensive knowledge and troubleshooting skills resolve problems quickly and efficiently. Allowing your employees to perform their regular work and not solving difficult and confusing computer issues.
  • Regular maintenance prevents many problems before they become critical.
  • A complete inventory of all your hardware and software is an extra benefit of pre-paid accounts.

Service Guarantee If you're not completely satisfied, the problem is fixed fast and free.

Contact us today for a consultation based around your business needs. We offer unbiased, expert assistance at affordable rates.

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Last Updated: February 20, 2016